Final Updates For Aldara & Veridis

Aldara and Veridis will be receiving their final update on January 16th. There will be some substantial changes to each […]

Continents #3 & #4 – Cynera and Okosha

New terrain is finally here! We gladly present to you, Cynera and Okosha Yes, this map is actually two continents […]

Paralon Continent #2: Veridis

Veridis is finally complete! DOWNLOAD¬†NOW It’s been a few months since I’ve released any terrain. I went on hiatus for […]

Aldara Update #2

Aldara is finally getting an update! The previous version of the map may have had complete terrain, however, the cave […]

Hello world!

Hello & Welcome! The Paralon website has been created! Although.. there’s still much work to be done. So what’s this […]


Project Paralon

Introduction: Minecraft is a game with unlimited potential. With this game, you can teach, learn, build what your heart desires, […]

Paralon World Project

What is the Paralon World Project? The world of Paralon is one of the largest survival-ready worlds ever made. It’s […]