What is the Paralon World Project?
The world of Paralon is one of the largest survival-ready worlds ever made. It’s a circular world at nearly 50,000 blocks in diameter, complete with 9 continents (1 submerged, 6 land masses & 2 polar continents), vast oceans, tons of unique biomes & regions, epic caves & caverns, and so much more. You’ll never run out of new and exciting places to explore.

This project is currently in development and is not yet available for download
Progress is at 55%

However.. You can still download parts of the world that have been finished!
You can download Paralon terrain samples and more at paralon.net/downloads

There’s something for everyone on Paralon. Like fantasy terrain with large colorful trees? Visit the autumn forests or the magic forests! Like dark and sinister terrain with volcanos? There’s an entire island like that! Want a tropical jungle adventure where you can explore lost ruins, pretend you’re Indiana Jones and make a giant tree mansion in a giant tree?!? There’s a whole continent for that! Even if you want to live in a colorful psychedelic wonderland, there’s a place for that too.
If you’re looking for an epic survival experience, look no further. Paralon isn’t lacking in features.. It has everything you need and more. There are features on this map that you wont find on any other.

9 Continents–6 primary continents, 1 submerged continent, 2 polar continents
Over 50 unique biomes & regions–Epic Jungles, Realistic Mountains, Fantasy Terrain
Volcanic Regions–Volcanoes, Calderas, Craters & Lava Caves
Better Caves–Ice caves, jungle caves, mountain caverns, ravines
Survival Ready–All the plants & resources you need, spawners, mobs, end portal, etc
Dinosaur Fossils–Find bones & fossils in cave walls or while mining (CS)
Completely terraformed oceans–Fauna, small islands, continental fault-line trenches & more
Realistic features–Geologically & topographically accurate (for the most part)
Structures & Temples–Custom villages, dungeons, temples & more to explore. (CS)
Semi-Vanilla Ores–Most of the world has ore generation that’s very similar to vanilla.
Regional Resources–You can find more gold where there is quartz, and more iron where there is red sand or red rock. More lapis in some deserts or magic biomes, more diamonds or emeralds near volcanic regions. Sugar cane can only be found in swamps, tropics or jungles.
Climate Zones–The equator (X:0) is the warmest region of the world. This is where you will find tropics, jungles, deserts & other warm biomes. Going further north or south from the equator, you will reach the temperate climate zone where you find forests, plains and other temperate biomes. The further you are from the equator, the colder things get until you reach the polar regions.
Other Natural Features–Driftwood & icebergs in some ocean regions, waterfalls & rivers, giant flowers, god trees, giant mushrooms, flat areas perfect for building, sky islands

What’s the reason behind a project this big?
There are a couple reasons as to why Paralon was created.
1. There aren’t many survival-ready worlds this large that provide this many features. I wanted to provide the minecraft community with the ultimate world.
2. Minecraft is lacking when it comes to vanilla terrain and generated structures. I wanted to make the game more exciting by expanding upon that.
3. I was bored and dead inside. So I thought doing something creative would get me out of that slump. Seems to be working 😛

I wanted to create a world that would truly make minecraft more exciting and I didn’t want it to feel like it was lacking anything. So I went all out on this project. I really want Paralon to feel like a world of its own and I wanted to share it with the community!

The Paralon Project
This world project is actually part of a much bigger idea–a much bigger project. I’m not just creating a custom map, I’m creating a world of its own; one that really brings out the best qualities of minecraft.

The first goal is to finish making this world and establish a community to support the project.

The next goal is to turn Paralon into the largest survival-adventure map ever. The intention is to create a storyline, lore, custom items & other features, as well as special locations that serve as adventure maps throughout the world.

The ultimate goal of The Paralon Project, is to bring this world to life by hosting it as a multiplayer server. The “World of Paralon” server will have everything you love about Minecraft in one world, on one server. Minigames, Economy, Adventure, Survival, PvP, Quests, Lore, RP.. You name it. There will also be many custom features that provide a “semi-modded” experience, with nothing required except for Optifine (which you should have anyways). Learn more about Project Paralon here: http://project.paralon.net/

We’re seeing a paradigm shift with minecraft, especially with multiplayer. People are getting tired of the same thing over and over again and want something new – but on the other hand, people are afraid of what’s new and want to stick with what’s familiar.
The purpose of The Paralon Project is to provide a place where players can enjoy the simplicity, or explore the complexity and interact with a fantastic community.

Join the community! Receive updates and connect with us
Official Discord: http://discord.paralon.net