Aldara is finally getting an update! The previous version of the map may have had complete terrain, however, the cave systems were lacking and the map wasn’t completely survival ready.

This map has been fixed and is available for download


So what has changed?

Improved Caves
Aldara now has more caves and more variations of caves as well.
Caves match their biomes. You can find desert caves in deserts, ice caves in tundras or glaciers and green caves in swamps, jungles or other lush areas.

Improved Ore Generation
Custom ore layers have been created to replace WorldPainter’s default ore/resource generation (because it really sucks). Ores now generate very similarly to vanilla, with diamonds being found between levels 6 and 12, emeralds exclusive to mountain biomes, and more gold in certain desert regions. On top of that, the average number of ores per chunk is nearly identical to a vanilla world.

Added Missing Resources & Features
Forgot to add a few resources that are necessary for survival.
Stronghold for The End has also been added.

Some minor fixes
Some mistakes were found while surveying the terrain. They were fixed.