New terrain is finally here! We gladly present to you, Cynera and Okosha

Yes, this map is actually two continents in one, despite them being part of the same landmass.


It has been nearly one year since the last major terrain release, but significant progress has been made with Paralon. This will be the last continent release but not the final terrain release! The full world with all nine continents will be released sometime before spring.

Okosha is heavily inspired by Asian terrain, particularly Chinese, Japenese and Vietnamese terrain. Cynera is sort of European inspired but is more focused on providing a fantasy element. There are lots of mountains, rivers, and mystical forests.

This map is 22K x 20K–about the same size as Aldara. Even though Cynera and Okosha are the primary continents in this map, near the south you will also find parts of two other unfinished continents–Proelis and Atridera.

This map will only work on 1.16 or later. It is not and will not be compatible with older versions of the game since it features 1.16 blocks in some areas.

Here are some pictures of this wonderful new map: