Minecraft is a game with unlimited potential. With this game, you can teach, learn, build what your heart desires, tell stories, create your own game and more.

Almost every major art form can be utilized in Minecraft. Drawing, Writing, Music, Design, Programming… You name it. The Minecraft community has done everything with this game.

But what if ALL of these things were a part of one single project? What if there was a Minecraft project that utilized as many art forms as possible and pushed the game to its limits?

We see Minecraft as the ultimate creative medium and we want to take advantage of this by creating the ultimate Minecraft experience.

But what makes the “ultimate Minecraft experience”?

Paralon World Project:
It all starts here, with the world project. First we have to create one of the largest and most epic worlds. This world is complete with 9 continents, over 50 unique biomes/regions, cave biomes, dinosaur fossils, geological accuracy and so much more.

The world alone makes playing survival much more exciting. This world encourages exploration and adventure. If you were never the type to travel more than 1000 blocks, you will once you play on this world.

We’re also creating a custom resource pack and data pack for this world. Nothing will change dramatically with the textures. All it will do is change the colors of leaves or other blocks, in order to give the illusion of changing seasons. The resource pack will also add some new sounds and songs to make the game-play experience a bit more unique. The data pack will help us add new items and features into the game that will provide a modded experience, with nothing required except for Optifine.

More information about the world project can be found here:

Building Projects:
Once the world is complete, then it’s time for us to build it up with cities, towns, raidable structures and adventure maps. Once that’s done, the world wont just be an epic survival map, it’ll be the largest adventure map ever made.

Cities & Towns are more for show and wont really have a purpose outside of multiplayer. However, temples, dungeons and villages will have a purpose. Players can explore these places and embark on quests that will challenge their will and intellect, as well as teach them about the story of Paralon.

Once this world is built up, it will be a truly immersive experience. You will feel like you’re exploring a new world that has it’s own history and lore.

The Story of Paralon:
The adventure maps built all over the world are connected. Every story line that you play will in some way be connected to an even larger story–the story of Paralon.

The story of Paralon is focused on four main characters–Marcus, Steve and Alex. You will learn about these characters and their heroic acts as you play the adventure maps on the world of Paralon.

The primary story line will be turned into a machinima series that will be premiered on Twitch and YouTube. It is a six-chapter series and each chapter is going to be about 30-45 minutes long.

Paralon Server Project:
Once the world and its story has been established, the ultimate goal of this project is to bring the world to life by turning it into a multiplayer server.

On the server, you can choose to reside in a town or city and take advantage of the economy. Get a job or create your own shop or business. You would also have the option to claim your own land in the wilderness or start a faction in a war zone region. It would also be possible to create your own towns or cities in peaceful regions.

Our resource pack and custom plugins will also provide a semi-modded experience with nothing required except for optifine. This server will have new resources, weapons, armor and vehicles as well — making it easier to explore the world and its cities.

Not only that, but you can choose to embark on quests, earn rewards and play a crucial role in the story of Paralon. Yes, that’s right. If you are dedicated enough, YOU could play one of the main characters in the story of Paralon.

Speaking of the story, it doesn’t end after chapter six. Chapter seven begins when the multiplayer server is released and the events of the story will have an impact on the world and vice versa; players have the potential to have an impact on the story and change the course of history on Paralon.

The Paralon server will provide the ultimate multiplayer experience. There is so much to this part of the project that it honestly deserves it’s own article.. which you can read here: (ARTICLE COMING SOON)

Oh.. and yes… there will be minigames too.